Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Got a new phone or switched companies

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Issue: I got a new phone (or I switched telephone carriers) and I need to change my Duo service to my new phone so I can continue to use Duo multi-factor authentication.

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A key to avoiding a problem such as this is to have a previously-enrolled backup device. If your primary device is a phone, a secondary device could be a tablet or fob - whatever you would have with you when you want to authenticate.
  • Use another previously-enrolled device - even your old phone - to add your new device in the Duo portal.
  • Employees, use the call option* within the Duo portal
    1. Log into the Duo portal
    2. If your phone number did not change when you received your replacement phone, you can use the call option to authenticate and log into Duo
    3. Select Add Another Device at which point you are prompted that the phone number already exists
    4. Select the option to replace the device
    5. Scan the QR code provided with the smartphone to activate your Duo app
  • Request to have DoTS reactivate Duo Mobile for you

* The "call option" resolution is not applicable to students because students cannot choose the call option.


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