Chrome/iOS Device Out-of-Support

We have both Chrome and iOS devices on campus, including Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, iPads, and iPhones. We manage device life cycles using Google and Apple-supplied management tools. When a vendor discontinues support, the management systems (either Google or JAMF) disable the device.

  • We provide a link to the current schedule
  • We provide a semi-annual emailed status notification to device owners 
    • Mid-March: a notification of upcoming dates
    • October: a notification of upcoming device disablement
  • The disabled date listed on the schedule is set by the vendor (either Google or Apple)
  • We use system management tools which enforce vendor policy
  • At the time the device becomes unusable, schedule a recycling pickup with Technology Services
  • We update our asset inventory as a closing task



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Fri 2/10/23 9:28 PM
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