New Hardware Consultation Question List

Ordering hardware is often quick and easy, a wired mouse or a monitor. Other requests benefit from a short consultation to answer the often forgotten questions. These consultations typically happen after DoTS receives a request for new hardware.

We can help gather this data once we have a few pieces of key information:

  • Name of what you're buying (as detailed as possible)
  • Vendor's contact information

Here's a list of other questions to answer:

  • Funding/Support
    • Is software included? Anything additional to purchase?
    • Ongoing funding for equipment? for licenses? replacement?
    • Who provides support? A vendor, a faculty member, DoTS, etc.?
  • Device
    • Is DoTS able to "manage" the device?
    • Operating System needs? Linux? Windows? MacOS?
    • Special connection needs? Physically from a device to a pc, or network.
    • Computer configuration changes?
    • What kinds of data will the device store?
  • Physical Space
    • What classroom or office will host the equipment?
    • Any facilities or infrastructure needs? Electrical, wiring, lighting, etc.
    • Any special networking requirements?
    • Is a network connection available in the space?


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