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Adobe Creative Cloud

Request Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, et al.


BP Logix Process Request

BP Logix process creation or change request


Canvas: Cross List Course (formerly known as Course Combination in D2L)

Cross list courses managed by the same instructor(s).

Canvas: Non-Instructional Course Creation

Even if your course is not in eSIS, it can have a Canvas presence.


Have DoTS help you change the way existing software/technologies currently work.

Cisco IP Phone

Request help for a Cisco Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone.

Cisco IP Phone: Correct Your 911 Information

Have the best phone location information available to emergency responders.

CommonSpot Training

Learn how to use CommonSpot - UWRF's website content management software solution.

Computer Lab Reservation

Reserve one of the instructional computer labs in Davee Library or the Wyman Education Building.

Computer Lab Software

Request new/updated software for computer labs.

Computer or Hardware Purchase or Consultation

Consult/Purchase computers and other hardware.

Consultation: Conference Room/Lab Upgrade or Installation

Request a consultation (the start of the process) of upgrading or building a new conference room, lab, or other space.

Credit Card Processing

If you'd like to start accepting credit cards for payment, start here.

Custom ID Card

Let DoTS help you with your identification card/badge needs.


D2L Bulk File Upload

Get help uploading bulk data (guest users, quiz questions, grades) into D2L.

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Bypass Code

DoTS is the backup for people without multiple enrolled devices.

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Reactivate Duo Mobile (New Phone)

For people switching Duo Mobile to a new phone where the old phone (or any previously-enrolled device) is not available.


Electronic Door Access

DoTS partners with various door hardware vendors to secure campus through the use of electronic access control.

Email Address Change

Sometimes email address changes are needed. Let us help.

Email List

Set up a LISTSERV email list so you can easily email a group of people at once and reply to those people just as easily.

Employee Onboarding

Technology that is automatically given and technology that can be requested for new employees and new student employees.

Employee Personal Printing/Copying

Employees, request to be able to print and copy non-work related items and pay for it with your Falcon Dollars.

Enterprise Software Access

Request access to UWRF enterprise software (minus eSIS and UWBI).

Equipment Checkout

DoTS provides commonly requested items for short term checkout to faculty and staff.

Equipment Pick up or Recycling

What happens with older IT equipment (computers, printers, phones, peripherals, etc.).

eSIS Access: Student Employee

Add/Remove student employee eSIS access.

eSIS Change

Request a change to the way eSIS functions.

eSIS Elevated Security

Request access to eSIS data beyond the standard information that is automatically provisioned.


Google Analytics: Website Traffic Analysis

Improve your web presence.

Guest Falcon Account

Request a Falcon Account to be created for guests visiting campus for an extended period of time.

Guest Network Login

Network login access for short-term events or activities (usually less than 7 days in duration).


Information Request

Ask a general DoTS-related question.

Initiate Information Security Response Plan Request

Get help if you suspect a potential data breach.

Instructional Technology Consultation

Get help on how to efficiently and effectively use UWRF instructional technology.

International Travel Laptop Loan

Request a travel laptop for international travel.


Key Cabinet Access

Get access to keys that are used to secure your spaces.


Local Workstation Administrator Permission

Start the process to get greater access to your computer's configurations and other functions.


Marketplace: Secure Online Purchases

Product purchases or registration payments.

Mobile Phone Purchase or Changes

Find out about getting a mobile (cellular) phone.


Network Folder Access or Sharing

Request a new folder or update access to an existing FalconShare folder.


Office Move

Moving UWRF owned computers, phones, network access, printers, etc.


Printing Account(s) Update

Request to add or remove people from printing accounts (used in charging departments for MFD/laser print/copy costs).

Printing Assessment

Have DoTS work with you to determine your printing needs and propose a solution that meets those needs.

Printing Card - Student Employee

Manage departmental student employee print cards that students use to release print jobs that charge back to department printing accounts.


Have DoTS help you plan, prepare, and implement new software/technologies.


Report an Incident

Technology you have is not working.



Helping keep your information safe.

Shared Email Box

Shared mailboxes allow multiple people to view e-mail from a common mailbox, send from a common email address, and share a common calendar.

Software Update

Request the software updates you need.

Software: Consulting and Purchasing

Work with DoTS to select and order the best software solution.

Support Exemption

Request an exemption from updating older software/hardware.


UWBI (Business Intelligence) Access

Access to queries and reporting for help with operations and decision making.


Video Conferencing Setup (excluding University Center)

Keep travel costs low, increase productivity, and be "green" by meeting online.

Video Surveillance

DoTS partners with Video Insight and other hardware vendors to secure campus through the use of a video surveillance system.


Web Authoring Help

You've gone through CommonSpot training. Get help organizing or adding content.

Web Content Add or Change

Request DoTS build or change web pages or post files to a web site for you.

Web Form Build

Request that DoTS help you with a web form.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Request an upgrade to Windows 10 for your campus-owned computer.

Wireless Network Coverage

Request wireless network capabilities for a location that lacks adequate service.