Business Process Management (BP Logix)

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BP Logix is a web-based enterprise software tool used to develop forms and workflows for UWRF. It can be used to facilitate anything from a simple request form that sends out an email to more complex multi-approval workflows with many stakeholders and steps.


  • Improved end-to-end process workflow
  • Streamlined data entry and approval process
  • Reduction of risk of errors; improvement of turnaround time
  • Improved accessibility and usability
  • Improved quality of data and information
  • Automated approvals and notifications
  • Low programming effort to implement forms and processes


  • Workflow process mapping session(s) may be required before complex requests can be completed.
  • What approval paths are needed for your request?  What actions are taken when either approved or not approved?
  • Who will be fulfilling the request and receiving reports?
  • Who will manage custom data sources?
  • When does the new process need to be available?

Service Level Agreement

Following submission of the request for service form, DoTS will contact the requester within two business days to schedule further consultation. Simple requests may be completed within a week. Complex requests including automated approvals and multiple workflows are sized based on requirements and an implementation schedule is developed.


BP Logix Overview:

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