Request software purchases, updates, access, etc.

Services (15)

Adobe Creative Cloud

Request Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, et al.

Business Process Management (BP Logix)

BP Logix can help you with your business processes.

Canvas: Cross List Course (formerly known as Course Combination)

Cross list courses managed by the same instructor(s).

Canvas: External Application Integration Requests (DLE External Applications)

DoTS works with System for you to get your request reviewed.

Canvas: New Course Designator

Setting up Canvas so that eSIS data properly loads.

Canvas: Non-Instructional Course Creation

Even if your course is not in eSIS, it can have a Canvas presence.

Consultation: Software Purchase

Work with DoTS to select and order the best software solution.

Email List

Set up a LISTSERV email list so you can easily email a group of people at once and reply to those people just as easily.

Employee Email Address Change

Sometimes email address changes are needed. Let us help.

Enterprise Software Access

Request access to UWRF enterprise software (minus eSIS and UWBI).

eSIS: Elevated Security

Request access to eSIS data beyond the standard information that is automatically provisioned.

eSIS: Student Employee Access

Add/Remove student employee eSIS access.

Shared Email Box

Shared mailboxes allow multiple people to view e-mail from a common mailbox, send from a common email address, and share a common calendar.


Request the installation, upgrade, or removal of software.

UWBI (Business Intelligence) Access

Access to queries and reporting for help with operations and decision making.