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LISTSERV is an industry standard email list application which can host lists facilitating discussions (both moderated and un-moderated), announcements, or mixed usage.  List memberships can be as small as a few people up to several thousand.  Management can be shared among multiple individuals as can moderation.  In some situations, membership can be dynamically managed based on UWRF directory information.


  • Sending emails through a LISTSERV allows you to send an email to multiple people without having to type each individual email address for every email you send
  • Replying to emails is easier because replying to a LISTSERV sends a copy of the reply to everyone on the list
  • You and add/remove members to/from your group through email or through the list management webpage

Service Level Agreement

  • LISTSERV is available 24/7 except for planned outages
  • Maintenance and other planned outages are limited to between the hours of 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. and are posted on the DoTS website
  • Campus considers LISTSERV a mission critical service. If there is an unplanned outage, DoTS works on the incident 24/7 and posts where we stand in the process on the DoTS website.
  • Once DoTS receives all needed information, your email list is set up within three business days.


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