Canvas: Cross List Course (formerly known as Course Combination)

After pressing the "Request Service" button, enter these (Action > Category > Subcategory > Service):
Request something DoTS offers > Software > Canvas > Cross List Course


Request to have DoTS cross list courses or sections in Canvas. This allows instructors to manage multiple courses or sections in one Canvas course site instead of multiple ones. This is helpful for multiple sections of the same course or lecture and lab sections. Cross listing courses has as no impact on registration or enrollment in eSIS.  Alternatively as an instructor you can Cross List a course yourself.  See the Canvas Guide:


  • Easier course management

Available to

  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Course sections being cross listed must be managed by the same instructor(s)

Service Level Agreement

  • DoTS performs course cross listings within three business days.


To be in compliance with FERPA, cross listing different course sections in the learning management system should be for educational needs, and requires that a statement be included in the syllabus letting students know that sections have been combined in the learning management system. 

  • Please post a statement in your syllabus letting students know that sections have combined.


When Cross listing courses, the content is retained in the parent or primary course, once cross listed you will lose access to anything added to the child/children course(s) that contains the other sections.   If there is material in the child courses do an export or copy the course, so you can move the material into the parent after you cross list the courses.
  • All regular credited UW-River Falls courses automatically have a Canvas course built.
  • When you cross list a course, one of the sections becomes the parent and any other sections the child. The parent course is where you make changes.
  • If a lab course needs to be a parent for all labs, the labs are cross listed, not the section.
  • When students select their course, they will automatically be redirected to the parent course.
  • At the start of the term, courses can be cross listed. But as the term progresses and assignments, discussions, quizzes and grades are entered, cross listing is no longer a viable option. For more information see KB Canvas (Instructors): Copy To and Send To Course Content from one Course to Another.


  • Cross-List (formerly course combination): The process of combining multiple courses into a single course inside of Canvas.
  • De-Cross-List: The process of removing the cross-listing from a course. When a section is removed, it returns to its original course and allows you to once again populate separate course material.
  • Re-Cross-List: The process of moving an existing cross-listed course to a new cross-listing.
  • Parent Course: The existing canvas course that will become the combined course.
  • Child Course: The existing canvas course(s) that you wish to merge into the combined course.
  • Section: Contains the student enrollment information which can be easily moved between courses.
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