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Request access to UWBI (University of Wisconsin Business Intelligence). "UWBI is a source of reliable information derived from administrative and institution-specific systems. UWBI is more than just queries and reporting; UWBI integrates sophisticated techniques and tools to interact with the information."[1]

This request is made by a supervisor for their staff member to have access to data within UWBI. For an individual below director or dean level access, a supervisor must make the request. A reason and need for the request must be provided.

Access to these areas are currently available:

  • Admissions: Admit term and type as well as information relating to the student record collected through Admissions.
  • HRS: Access to system shared queries for campus-wide payroll and benefits information, amount and times of service, and job history.
  • (Shared Financials: System-shared queries are currently not available. Use WISER, fka WISDM, at this time.)
  • Student Records: Access to active students, current students, enrollments, course scheduling, advisors, graduating students, and others relating to the student record.


  • Ensure that you or the people you manage have the access to data needed to complete job duties
  • Allows for ongoing assessment of access to ensure that data security is upheld

Available to

  • Employees

Service Level Agreement

  • Requests will be responded to within two business days
  • Time to complete the request depends on the access being asked for, approvals needed, etc. 


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1 University of Wisconsin System Business Intelligence

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