Password Self-Service: Updating your Challenge Questions


How to update your Password Self-Service challenge questions.


Your challenge questions are used by Password Self-Service to verify your identity if you forget the password for your Falcon Account or a student employee account. You configure responses to multiple challenge questions plus a helpdesk question that can be accessed by DoTS for identity verification over the phone if you need help.

To update your challenge question responses:

  1. Visit Password Self-Service and select the Change Challenge Questions option.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. If you have not configured an emergency phone number, you may be prompted to update your Password Self-Service profile prior to setting challenge questions.
  4. You now see a list of questions you have configured responses to. Select Clear Answers to clear existing responses and set up new ones. Select OK to the prompt to confirm you wish to do this.
  5. Select questions from the dropdown lists of available questions and enter the desired required response to them in the box below each question. The responses are not case-sensitive and do not have to be accurate so long as you remember what the response is.
  6. When you've completed entering responses, select Save Responses.
  7. After providing three challenge responses, you are asked to select another question and enter a response for a security question that DoTS can use to verify your identity.  This question and response may be the same or different as ones in step 4.
  8. After entering your security question response, please select Save Responses. This saves your responses for future use and take you to the Password Self-Service menu.
  9. Select the [-> icon in the upper right corner of the screen to Log Out.



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