TEC Technology Enhanced Classroom: Equipment is not working

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If technology is not working in a classroom where a class is in session or is soon to be in session, use the phone in the classroom. The DoTS Service Center is programmed on a speed dial. DoTS staff will offer a few suggestions to resolve your issue. If unable to resolve quickly over the phone, DoTS creates a high priority ticket and sends technicians to the room as soon as the space is available for work. If the situation cannot be resolved in a timely fashion, DoTS contacts instructors that may be affected.

Issue: The technology in my TEC room (or ALC) is not working.

Environment: Technology Enhanced Classroom, TEC, Active Learning Classroom, ALC, computer, monitor, projector, audio, video, display, inputs

Resolution (aka, things to try):

  • General
    • Are the devices plugged in?
    • Are the devices powered on?
      • Did you press the "On" button on the controller?
  • Video
    • Is the correct video input selected? (Especially if seeing a blue screen.)
    • Black screen? Is "blank screen" selected?
    • Is "pic mute" off or disabled?
    • Is the display setting (Windows + P on Windows or Command + F1 on Macs) correct?
      • Select Duplicate or Mirror to show the image on laptop and projector
  • Audio
    • Is the correct audio input selected?


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Tue 2/26/19 3:01 PM
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