Duo Multi-Factor Authentication: Low Vision Solutions

Please contact the Division of Technology Services directly to discuss your accommodations needed for logging into any particular application. We are dedicated to work with anyone that has specific needs with navigating through the login process.

Background on Low Vision Solutions

JAWS is a low vision reader that is often used on Windows computers to speak what is presented on the screen and how to navigate the web page. However, JAWS is not directly compatible with the Duo login process.

Multi-Factor Options?

If you have a basic feature (not smart) cell phone, then a phone call is possible. It requires you to navigate through the web site to push the "call me" button.

If you have a smartphone and can navigate the phone to press the accept button, then an automatic push can be sent to it without any interaction on the website.

If you cannot navigate the use of a basic phone or a smartphone, then a U2F USB device may be a good option. However, currently there is limited browser implementation of the FIDO standard required for this and Chrome is currently the only option. This may or may not be a good fit with JAWS.

Setup of your Multi-Factor Options

Please contact the Division of Technology Services for assistance. We can assist in the the setup using our administrative portal on your behalf. We can also work with you on use case testing and training. Duo's self-service sign up is heavily visual and could be frustrating to use.

Best Practice for Logins

After logging into the website using the username and password, Duo will present a prompt box inside a substantially blank webpage. JAWS cannot interact directly inside this box and you need to press tab on your keyboard until the correct button is highlighted. You must use your keyboard to navigate into the Duo prompt box.

If you have a smartphone with the auto push notification enabled, you do not need to interact with this prompt box. You will only need to press the accept button on the smartphone to proceed.

At the end of the prompt buttons, there is a check box to "remember this device for 12 hours." This can reduce the number of times per day this process is required.

If you are receiving voice calls, you will need to tab until the "call me" button is highlighted and then press the space bar to trigger the button. You should then answer the phone call and follow the prompts to accept - which is to press any of the number keys on the phone's keypad.

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