Printing: Cancelling a PrintAnywhere Print Job

Jobs are automatically cancelled if not released within 72 hours.


The PrintAnywhere queues behave a little differently than typical print queues as they are shared between many people. For security reasons, document titles are not visible in the queue and jobs may not be canceled via the print queue. It is normal to see your jobs in a "Paused" status as they are awaiting release at one of the campus MFDs.

Cancelling a Print Job - Web Method

Log into the UWRF printing portal at

  1. Select Jobs Pending Release from the menu column on the left.
  2. Select the Cancel button on the job you wish to delete.

Cancelling a Print Job - MFD Method

  1. Log into a campus MFD either by entering your Falcon Account username and password, or by tapping your ID card on the reader.

  1. Select Print Release from the main menu.

  1. Check the box next to the job you wish to cancel (outlined here in red) and tap the trash can button (also outlined here in red) to delete the job.

  1. When you have finished removing the print job, tap log out ( icon) in the upper right corner to sign out of the MFD.


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