Wireless Presentation: Using ShareLink

Step 1: ShareLink Start Screen

Turn on the room display, typically a large display or projector, and select the appropriate input. During this time, ensure that you are connected to the eduroam campus wireless network.

Once these steps are done, open a browser window and enter the hostname with .uwrf.edu at the end. The hostname can be found in the bottom left of the ShareLink start screen. So for the example shown here, you'd enter dl-0124a-display.uwrf.edu in the browser's search bar.


Step 2: Access ShareLink Software & Connecting

The webpage for ShareLink offers two different software options: one version for Windows devices and one for MacOS devices. The software functionality is identical between the two apps.

Once the software has been downloaded, open the application from the downloads menu of your browser. The software will automatically prompt you for the four-digit code on the bottom-right side of the ShareLink Start Screen.

Once you have downloaded the ShareLink software, DoTS recommends dragging the ShareLink software to your desktop for quicker connections in the future.


Step 3: Using the ShareLink Software

Once you have entered the four-digit code from the ShareLink Start Screen, wait 3-5 seconds until the ShareLink menu automatically minimizes and you should then see a screen like the one pictured below.

Overview of Each Button and its Function

RED: This arrow-shaped button allows you to expand and minimize the ShareLink software menu. After a few seconds, this menu will automatically minimize if it doesn’t detect user input. From this menu you can connect or disconnect from a single or multiple ShareLinks using the blue check-mark icon.

From this menu you can also add specific ShareLinks to your favorites by clicking once on the star-shaped icon. By adding devices to your favorites, you are able to permanently store the connection information for a specific ShareLink and will only need to enter the four-digit code to connect in the future.

GREEN: From this square-shaped button that is divided into quadrants, you can choose one of four corners on the screen to show your device’s content. This allows for up to four individual users to connect to a single ShareLink and collaborate all at once.

To return to full screen mode, simply choose the Full Screen option from the bottom of this drop-down menu.

BLUE: This Play button allows you to start sharing content from your device. Once you click this icon the first time, the play button will change into two separate buttons.

  • The first is a Pause button that allows you to pause your current screen. This can be useful when you want to check another screen without showing everyone what is on that screen. To return to sharing content again, simply press the Play button once again and screen sharing will resume.
  • The second is a Stop button that you can select to stop sharing content entirely. The ShareLink Start Screen is once again displayed.

YELLOW: This Speaker button 🔊 allows you to toggle the option to mute or unmute audio from your device.


Step 4: Disconnecting from ShareLink

To disconnect from a ShareLink, simply close the application. This sets up the ShareLink to be ready for others who may be using the ShareLink in the room after you.


Additional ShareLink Tips & Tricks

Once you are comfortable connecting to and using the ShareLink devices on campus, these keyboard shortcuts may be useful for even more efficient use during classes or meetings:

  • Play/Pause: CTRL + SHIFT + P
  • Stop: CTRL + SHIFT + S
  • Audio Mute/Unmute: CTRL + SHIFT + M
  • Share to Fullscreen: CTRL + ALT + 0
  • Share to Top-Left: CTRL + ALT + 1
  • Share to Top-Right: CTRL + ALT + 2
  • Share to Bottom-Left: CTRL + ALT + 3
  • Share to Bottom-Right: CTRL + ALT + 4


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