Digital Signage

What is it?

Digital signage allows for electronic display of information which can be specific to a college, department, special event, or way-finding to a location.

The displays attract attention, they can be updated quickly when you need to change content, and even though it is more expensive up front than printed signs, it may be less expensive over the long run if you normally would have to print many signs. Here are some things to think about when determining if digital signage is for you.


  • There are costs to procure the monitor and mounting hardware. There are also costs to have the monitor installed by Facilities Management including possible additional costs to get power and data to the monitor.
    • At this time, approximate costs are $2,000 - $4,000 for the monitor and mounting hardware that are designed for the "always on" nature of digital signage. Consumer displays are meant to be used for a couple of hours a day and do not last more than a few months.
    • The display needs to be properly mounted to meet various codes. Approximately $1,000 for basic installation of the unit by Facilities Management (changes to the wall and power/data runs may also be needed).
  • DoTS and Facilities Management assist you by conducting a survey for you that determines the best place to install the equipment. Traffic flows, naturally-occurring congregation areas, timing aspects, and other input are considered.
  • DoTS supports Chromeboxes as digital signage players for their multi-use nature and their enterprise serviceability. The cost of the box is approximately $300-$400. Since the cost fluctuates, please conatact DoTS for a current quote.
  • Hardware is purchased through DoTS and we coordinate with you and Facilities Management.
  • Monitors don't last forever so funds should be set aside to replace equipment when they get to end of life.

Software and Content

  • DoTS supports legacy devices and software, and currently supports Rise Vision for new installations.
  • DoTS provides training on content creation. However, you create and maintain the content.
  • Rise Vision displays require yearly software licenses of approximately $100 per display
  • You will want your displays to be current and fresh which means that you'll be creating new content over time. You'll have to determine if you have the time to do this (many are stretched thin in their positions) and if it worth the cost to do this versus other things you could be doing to further your campus mission.

A Sampling of UWRF Digital Signage Locations

  • South Hall College of Business & Economics
  • Falcon Center way-finding
  • Chalmer Davee Library lower level way-finding
  • University Center (Rise Vision)

Next Step

Do you have any further questions or would like to request digital signage? Contact DoTS!


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