Scantron: OpScan to Remark Test Analysis

The Scantron OpScan 4ES test scoring machine can be used with Remark Classic OMR software to save and analyze student answers.

Saving the Data

  1. Turn on the computer connected to the OpScan machine.
  2. Log into the computer using your Falcon Account.
  3. If the OpScan machine is off, press the power button (left white button) to turn it on.
  4. Make sure OMR Only mode is selected (the machine display will read "Not Ready"). If not:
    • Hold down both white buttons under the display screen until you can change the settings.
    • Select Next twice until you get to the Mode setting. 
    • Select Change until the mode shows OMR Only.
    • Select Next until the scanner initializes.
  5. Load the completed answer key form and the student answer forms face up in the OpScan tray (resize the tray slider to fit the form size, if needed).
  6. On the computer, open the application on the desktop for the form (50 questions or 100 questions) you want to scan.
     100 Questions form or 50 Questions form
  7. Select Read Wizard to start scanning. If the computer can't find the scanner:
    • Select Tools.
    • Select OMR Scanner.
    • Select Scanner Properties.
    • In the pop-up window, select OpScan 4 for the scanner and enter 3 for the Port Number.
    • Save the scanner settings and close the pop-up window.
    • Select Read.
  8. When you are done scanning forms, select No when asked if you would like to continue.
  9. Select Save Data.
  10. Browse to find the Falconshare folder or flash drive you want to save the data to.

Getting a Report

  1. Select Analyze.
  2. Select Easy Grade.
    Easy Grade link
  3. Select Display Reports.
  4. Choose the report you want.
  5. Select Export Report.
  6. Browse to find the Falconshare folder or flash drive you want to save the report to.
  7. Close the Remark application and log off the computer.


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