Scantron: Test Scoring Machines

Scantron machines read and mark fill-in-the-circle answer sheets.

These machines are located in 258A on the main level of the Davee Library (on the way to the restrooms). Instructor answer key sheets (50-question and 100-question) are available near the machines. Instructors are responsible for providing student answer sheets.

Note: Some departments may have their own answer form scanning machines that are not supported by DoTS.

OpScan 3

This is a stand-alone scanner that marks student answer sheets with correct and/or incorrect answers. Follow the instructions below (also posted above the scanner) to complete and scan the instructor answer key, student answer sheets, and analysis sheet (if desired).

OpScan 4ES 

This scanner is connected to a dedicated computer. It scans and sends information from student answer sheets to Remark Test Analysis software on the attached computer. Save the results to a network drive or flash drive. Follow the instructions next to the scanner. See Related Articles about Scantron OpScan to Remark Test Analysis for complete instructions.

Answer Key instructions

  1. Use a #2 pencil to fill in the correct answer circles for each question.
  2. Fill in the Rescore circle.
  3. Fill in the circle next to Correct Answer, Mark X or Total Only, depending what you want to show on the key.
  4. Fill in the circles under Item Count indicating the total number of questions.
  5. If using multiple answer keys, fill in the circle under # of Keys and instruct students to
  6. Place the answer key on top of the student answer sheets with all sheets facing the same direction.

Answer key with Rescore, Correct Answer and Item Count filled in

Self Score (manual) instructions

  1. If the scanner's display panel is blank, press the left button to turn the display on.
  2. The display panel will read Perform Test Scoring.
  3. Press the Press to Load tab on the input tray and load sheets face up, horizontally, with the top of the sheets against the feeder.
    Answer key sheet face up and title feeding first
  4. Adjust the paper guide to fit the size of sheet you are using.
  5. Press the right button under Start.
  6. The sheets will feed one at a time, with each sheet being marked. Note that Xs or Correct Answers are marked in the same column between questions; Xs or Correct Answers line up horizontally with the corresponding question.
  7. After all student answer sheets have been scanned, load a test analysis sheet, if desired (first fill in whether you want results by # Incorrect or % Incorrect).
  8. Press the right button under Start to scan the analysis sheet. The class statistics will be marked on the analysis sheet.
  9. Press the left button under Quit.
  10. Press the right button under Yes to verify you want to quit.
    Analysis sheet with # Incorrect filled in


  • Contact DoTS if the machine runs out of ink or there are no instructor answer key sheets available.
  • If the display reads Input Tray Empty but there are sheets loaded, adjust the sheets or paper guide.
  • If there is a paper jam, lift the feeder and remove the jammed sheet. Close the feeder and reload the sheet.
  • If your stack of sheets goes above the Maximum Sheet Level Line on the paper guide, scan in smaller batches.


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