Computer/Tablet: Preparing for a Replacement Computer

DoTS schedules a two-hour appointment window in which to install and configure the new system in your office.

The Steps

  1. Back up your own documents using one of these methods:
  • Windows
    • Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Internet browser bookmarks/favorites, Word/Outlook/etc. custom templates.
    • Back up and import your bookmarks 
  • macOS
    • Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music, Pictures, Public, Word/Outlook/etc. custom templates.
    • Back up and import your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks by following Mozilla's documentation. Save the file to an easily accessible location for easy restoration later.
  1. Clear any items, notes, decorations, and other items away from the computer and monitor to ensure the technician has easy access to replace the system.
  2. Review the backup locations above and determine if any personal files exist outside the areas outlined above.
  3. Save any open documents, close out of any open applications, and log out of the system when the technician arrives.
If you need help backing up your data. Please notify DoTS before your appointment. Some data backups and transfers can take several hours.

DoTS strongly encourages people to regularly back up data from the hard drive. Data stored on local drives is not automatically backed up by DoTS on a regular basis and could be lost due to hardware failure or a theft of a system. If you need assistance with backup options, please contact DoTS.


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