Two-Way Radio: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Two-way radios are extremely beneficial to teams that are spread across large buildings or other geographical areas. The university has a Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system in place for the main UW-River Falls campus. This system is designed for utility and light public safety applications. This system is heavily used by Parking Services, DoTS, University Center and a few other select applications. In addition to this system, the University Police have their own on-campus system and integration into the county and state-wide systems.

What are the benefits of two-way radios?

  • Two-way radios include voice as well as
    • data applications
    • cordless and cellular style telephones
    • text messaging systems
    • automatic vehicle location and guidance
    • remote telemetry systems
  • Two-way radios and other similar wireless devices are maintained and managed by the Division of Technology Services in compliance with the Federal Communication Commission’s requirements and Administrative Policy 05-104 that requires Technology Services be involved in any radio spectrum use, whether that is two-way radios, wireless microphones, or other experimental systems. Technology Services strives to provide services in a "coordinated" manner so that interference is not caused to existing services. We work with all interested in customers to design, install, and maintain a service that meets their requirements.
Technology Services has radios that you can be borrow for events. These radios work on a campus-wide basis and gives you much more coverage and features than cell phones or FRS radios.

Can I purchase a Family Radio Service (FRS) to use?

No. They are considered "uncoordinated" meaning there is no guarantee they will work without interference from or to other individuals. Marketing on these radios make it seem like they are super powerful devices where in reality they are actually the opposite. Technology Services does have radios that are coordinated and are designed to operate in a business environment. They are more expensive to purchase but will outlast a FRS radio by ten times the life span. FRS radios are not as inexpensive as they used to be because they are being pushed out by cell phones.

Are there policies regarding two-way radios?


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