Guest Falcon Account: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are guest Falcon Accounts for?

Guest Falcon Accounts are used for guests visiting campus for an extended period of time - usually longer than 1 week.  Guest network logins are an alternative that are targeted towards short duration events such as workshops and conferences.

Who should I call if my guest Falcon Account is not working?

Contact DoTS.

How much lead time should I allow for the creation of a guest Falcon Account?

It is suggested you request your guest's access a few weeks prior to their arrival. The amount of time needed to set up services for guests varies due to such items as

  • Network access that is needed
  • Space configuration
  • Phone line configuration
  • Hardware and/or peripherals setup

For additional information on requesting a guest Falcon account, visit the service page.

How do my guests change their password?

Guests go through the same process as any campus community member. The only difference is that guests use XXXX (four X's) when prompted for the last four digits of the Social Security number.


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Request a Falcon Account to be created for guests visiting campus for an extended period of time.