Conference Rooms: Hybrid Conference Rooms and Virtual Meetings


Connecting the Room to a Zoom or Teams Meeting

  1. Follow WebEx's instructions for Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Simple screen sharing without joining an online meeting

  1. From the touch screen, select Share Screen
  2. From a browser, visit
  3. Enter the nine character code and select Next
  4. Enter the four digit code displayed in the upper right corner of room display
  5. From your laptop, select Connect
  6. Select Share Screen
  7. From the browser, select the window and then select Allow
  1. Plug the HDMI cable into your laptop. Your screen will automatically be shared.



  • You must be using a university Zoom license for the room to connect. (Personal Zoom meetings do not have the appropriate connector.)
  • Your remote audience will show up on the display as they join.
  • Remote participants' virtual "hand raises" will not appear on the room display. The meeting facilitator must be joined as a participant.
  • If attendees are present in the physical space and connecting to the meeting, they should mute their microphones and speakers on their laptops.
  • When your meeting concludes, it will auto-disconnect
  • If your meeting ends early, you can end the meeting using the software if you are the meeting owner
    • There is also an end meeting button on the touch screen


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