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CARES Act Hardware Availability

Using CARES Act funding Technology Services procured a limited amount of supplemental hardware to assist in the changes to instruction. The following hardware is available to faculty and staff, at no charge, while supplies are in stock. Models shown below may vary in the version number depending on when and where the equipment was procured, but functionality remains the same. 

  • Logitech HD 1080p Webcam/Microphone Combo. Commonly used to provide an alternate view of the classroom or better camera positioning. More flexible than a fixed laptop web cam. These come with a small desktop tripod.
  • Plantronics Wired Headset. A high quality wired headset with microphone. The wired model was chosen to maximize the number we obtained with our limited CARES funds. As supply chain issues begin to resolve DoTS will continue to investigate wireless option availability and costs.
  • Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablets. Used as an input device, like a mouse, allowing for drawing on the screen, or using the stylus as a pointing device. We've found that many requests for Document Imaging Cameras are actually requests for a way to mark-up or draw on documents. This device may be what you're looking for.
  • Elmo OX1 Document Imaging Cameras. We have a small number of Doc Imaging Cameras available, given availability and cost, we prefer to install these in classrooms, but contact us if have a direct need. Many times an external web cam or Wacom tablet can meet your need without the added bulk and expense of a document imaging camera.

In addition, we encourage faculty and staff to reach out to DoTS to discuss your specific challenges. We're here to help, and if your teaching needs aren't being met we want to help you find a solution. Email DoTS at to start the conversation.

In-Person Processes

Examples of in-person interactions
  • Pick up computer/equipment
  • Drop off computer/equipment
  • Exchange equipment
  • Assistance with hardware

In addition we offer curb-side assistance for certain services. See: DoTS Support: Curb-side Dropoffs/Pickups

The biggest changes are to those services which formerly consisted of physical interactions (partly due to federal, state, county, and UWRF guidelines) but also due to staff reductions.

  • DoTS relies more heavily on remote access software which we use to troubleshoot.
  • DoTS no longer works with you shoulder to shoulder on your computer or other technology items. However, university-owned equipment can be dropped off and picked up.
  • Classroom technology help starts with in-room documentation or a call to DoTS. If the issue isn't resolved, DoTS can no longer visit the classroom while occupied. DoTS will visit the space as soon as safely possible to do so. Therefore, it is beneficial to connect to equipment and test it before it is needed.
  • Office moves continue to be more common due to physical spacing concerns. Some items you could move yourself; some items DoTS has to move. You can start the process off here.
  • Photos for ID cards can be submitted virtually. Once the submission is successful, the ID card will be mailed to you or available for pickup.
  • Employees, if you are leaving UWRF (sorry to see you go), instead of coming to the Carding Office to drop off your ID card, you can leave it with your supervisor, leave it in your locked office with your computer (if applicable), mail it in or use campus mail.

Computer Availability

Some hardware orders have significant delays due to supply and demand. To order hardware, please start with the​​​​​​ computers and other technology items article.


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