Mobile Phone: International Rates/Plans

State cellular services for the university are provided by AT&T. Plans are flexible and ever changing. This is a general guide to what may be available. State cellular users should plan at least 2 weeks in advance of a trip to ensure that the proper international plan is placed on your devices. Complete the mobile phone purchase request form to kick off the process of addressing your travel needs. University staff are not permitted to use procurement cards for purchasing cellular services domestically or abroad. It is recommended that you use Microsoft Teams from Office 365, Google Hangouts or a personal platform for your travels.  

Refer to AT&T's country guide for information on what options exist in which countries.

AT&T's International Day Pass

For $10/day you can use your phone as if you were roaming in the United States. You have the same plan in supported countries as you would in the continental US. This $10/day fee is automatically added to your bill on the days that you use the service. This feature has to be enabled before you can use the phone. If you use the phone without this service enabled, you will be subject to the a la carte roaming pricing listed below. This plan is by far the most flexible and the most inexpensive for the countries that are supported.

Follow these instructions for voicemail retrieval while roaming internationally:

  1. Press and hold the voicemail retrieval key on your device (this is typically the "1" key)
  2. Interrupt your personal greeting by pressing the "*" key
  3. Enter your voicemail password
  4. If you reach the main voicemail system greeting instead of your personal greeting, enter your 10-digit wireless number, then follow steps 2 and 3.

a la Carte Roaming Pricing

Check out the rate guide from AT&T as a guide for your planning. We expect the second price column but it can be as high, or higher, than the last (far right) column.

The actual rates are dictated by the domestic carrier in the country to which you are traveling and then are negotiated by AT&T. AT&T does not have complete control over those costs. They do have some plans in which we can average out those costs. There are specific plans for Canada and Mexico that make travel there very affordable.

It can take up to 60 days for international roaming charges to make it back to AT&T USA for billing.

World Passport Add-On

There is a $30/month plan that will add international cost controls in certain countries.  It provides text, voice and data at a reduced rate. This can be a permanent add-on feature or it can be a 30 day only option.


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