Business Process Management (BP Logix)

BP Logix is a web-based enterprise software tool used to develop forms and workflows. It can be used to facilitate anything from a simple request form that sends out an email message to more complex multiapproval workflows with many stakeholders and steps.


  • Improved end-to-end process workflow
  • Streamlined data entry and approval process
  • Reduction of risk of errors; improvement of turnaround time
  • Improved accessibility and usability
  • Improved quality of data and information
  • Automated approvals and notifications
  • Low programming effort to implement forms and processes


  • Workflow process mapping session(s) may be required before complex requests can be completed.
  • What approval paths are needed for your request? What actions are taken when either approved or not approved?
  • Who will be fulfilling the request and receiving reports?
  • Who will manage custom data sources?
  • When does the new process need to be available?


Request Business Process Management (BP Logix)


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