Unified Communications: Chargebacks

See Administrative Policy 05-105 for specific details on the financial model.

The new financial model supporting Unified Communications works under the following assumptions:

  • Network and communication tools are a core employee need
  • There is no value added in tracking and billing at the actual usage level
  • There is a need to plan funding for equipment replacement

Starting in December 2015, Network and Unified Communications expenses related to:

  • GPR (Fund 102) funded employees are centrally funded by a budget transfer equal to the amount of FY15 phone chargebacks. (FY16 prorated to avoid double-dipping, full effect in FY17)
    • Network budget was previously centralized.
    • While it varies by department, at the university level, this transfer equates to $25 per FTE per month.
    • GPR separately contributes to equipment financing and future replacement
  • Student Affairs-funded employees are charged annually, an amount equal to $25 per FTE per month.
    • FTE is based on the October Position Control report.  
    • Student Affairs continues to separately contribute to equipment financing and future replacement.
  • Other PR (non 102, non Student Affairs) funded employees are charged annually an amount equal to $55 per FTE per month.
    • FTE is based on the October Position Control report.  
    • The difference between this $55 rate and the $25 rate the others are paying, equates to a contribution to future equipment replacement.

This new model covers:

  • Network activation and usage
  • Phone lines and voicemail
  • Phone call expenses
  • Phones in non-employee areas (conference rooms, student workstations, etc).
  • Equipment financing and replacement

This new model DOES NOT cover:

  • Cell phone
  • Fax
  • Charges from Facilities Management related to jack installation or other Facilities services.
  • Phone equipment for new construction or major reconfigurations


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