iClicker (Instructors)

Both classic and cloud versions of iClicker are available for instructor use.

iClicker Classic

iClicker Classic is the local-based version of the student response system. Classic uses a local file to save and record data from the responses in class. To use Classic, you are given an instructor base station and every student is given an iClicker remote.

  • If a base station is not available in the classroom, the instructor may check one out along with an instructor remote from Textbook Services.
  • Instructors download the iClicker Classic application software to their laptop from the iClicker website, https://www.iclicker.com/downloads/
  • Instructors save their iClicker data files on a laptop, shared drive, or thumb drive.
  • Instructors may need to support students on how to check out iClicker remotes from Textbook Services.

Student Remote Registration

Anonymous polling is the most effective way of encouraging honest feedback and participation from reluctant students. However, if you do want to associate student responses with your gradebook, iClicker offers two registration options. Both options require instructors to download the iClicker application onto a computer and enter the class list into the roster.txt file in the iClicker application file folder.

Note: If students already have used their remote to register for another class, instructors manually reassign the iClicker or register it manually to their course by opening the iClicker Gradebook, clicking either the red remote ID or the students' names, and setting up the association.

Export your class list from Canvas and import it into your iClicker software

  • In your Canvas course, select Grades
  • Select Enter Grades
  • Select Export
  • Select Export to CSV
  • Select Save File, then OK
  • (The file is saved to your browser download area.)
  • In the iClicker application, select/highlight the course name and select Settings
  • Select Gradebook and change the Roster Source to Canvas
  • Select Save
  • Select OK
  • Select/Highlight the course name and select Open Gradebook
  • Select Import Roster
  • In the pop-up box, browse for the file you exported from Canvas
  • Select Import
    • The course roster is updated with the names from your class list.
  • Close the gradebook page to view the iClicker home page

Web Registration (Recommended for larger classes)

This option requires student time in advance of the first class use of iClickers. Instructors must first register their iClicker base stations and courses in advance at the iClicker/REEF Education site. When instructed by faculty, students register their remotes in advance at the iClicker site. Instructors sync the gradebook with the previously created roster.txt file.

In-class Roll Call

This option requires class time for the instructor to start roll call and students to register their remotes using the base station and application.

Note: We strongly recommend this registration method for classes with over 50 students.

  • Instructors usually start a simple poll to take attendance. Instructors could have a polling session without a question that simply says "Please select a letter if you are here."
  • Students are able to submit a vote in that session and the instructor would be able to give a point to everyone who was present. Those who were not in class would show up with a red  Ab in the gradebook, meaning they were absent.
  • If the students register online with a student ID and their iClicker device, the instructor would not have to have a roll call to link them to their clicker. If the iClickers are registered online with the same student ID that's listed in the iClicker roster, the instructor could simply click "Sync" after the first polling session to match up the names and the IDs.

This article explains how each registration method works in iClicker Classic: https://macmillan.force.com/iclicker/s/article/i-clicker-Registration-Guide

For a class of 50 students or fewer

  • In class, turn on the base station
  • Open the iClicker application
  • Select a course
  • Select New Session
  • In the polling window, select settings (cog icon).
  • Select Roll Call Registration
  • The screen displays each of the student's names and a multi-letter code in a box. For large classes, it may take several screens for all students to be displayed.
  • Instruct students to use their remotes to press the letters associated with their name. This will associate the remote to the student's name in the Gradebook section of the iClicker application.
  • Close the roll call registration window when all students have registered their remotes.

iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud is the online version of iClicker Classic. Unlike Classic, Cloud does not save data locally. A base station and iClicker remotes are still used for Cloud, however, responses and data are collected and saved online and through the downloaded application. With Cloud, however, students are able to create an account and link it to an app on both a computer and mobile device. Students may then use their 2 week free trial to submit their responses online using their computer or mobile device, after which time they would need to purchase a subscription, if they desire to continue use. If students would not like to pay to use the Cloud app, they can use the remote that is given to them by Textbook Services at no additional cost.

Note: Continued use of the iClicker Cloud App is an additional cost for students that are using personal devices when used for more than just attendance. Cloud can be used for attendance only and with the mobile app at no extra cost. Cloud can also be used with iClicker remotes at no extra cost for students.

  • Create an iClicker Cloud instructor account at https://instructor.reef-education.com/#/account/create
  • Download iClicker Cloud from https://www.iclicker.com/downloads/
  • In either the online account or downloaded application, create a new course and enter required course information.
  • Instruct students to create an iClicker Cloud student account at https://app.reef-education.com/#/account/create and to search for and add your course (search first by institution, then course name or instructor name).
  • Run an in-class poll.
    1. Open the online or desktop iClicker Cloud application and select the course
    2. Instruct students to open their iClicker Cloud applications and select the course
    3. In your application, select Start Polling Session
    4. Select Polling
    5. Select the question type
    6. Select the menu (three lines) icon if you want anonymous responses
    7. Display or ask your question
    8. Select the start (triangle) icon
    9. Instruct students to respond to the poll with letters that correspond to the possible answers
    10. Select the stop (square) icon to end the poll
    11. Select Results if you want to display results to students
    12. Repeat from step 5 for additional questions
    13. Select X to close the iClicker Cloud menu
    14. Select End Session (or End Session with Exit Poll)



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