Employee Offboarding: Technology Checklist

Exiting employees,

When you leave the university, you lose access to all technology resources (eSIS, FalconShare, Canvas, email, etc.) the day after your appointment end date as entered by Human Resources. You will no longer be able to use your Falcon Account to access UWRF resources. (A more comprehensive list of when access to resources are granted or removed can be referenced here.)

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Instructional Academic Staff and Faculty: You retain access for 120 days after your contract end date barring any requests from the hiring department to remove access
  • Emeriti and Honored Retirees: If you have worked with your supervisor prior to leaving to be nominated for one of these statuses and the Chancellor's Office approves the nomination, you retain access to some UWRF technology.

Please reference the following information to leave your technology resources in an acceptable state when you leave the university.

As You Leave

Last Things to do with Email

  • DoTS recommends you set up an email auto-reply* prior to leaving the university that identifies when you are leaving and directs people to the department or person to contact in your absence. Your email account is deleted a year after leaving and you can set up your auto-response to be in effect that entire year or just a portion depending on what you are comfortable with. Here is an example you could copy/paste/change for your auto-response
    • I am no longer working at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls as of [month/date/year]. Please direct your questions to [your former department] at [your former department's email address] or call [your former department's phone number with area code] for assistance.
  • Forward personal email messages you need to a personal email account
  • Export or print your email address book

*DoTS does not allow auto-forwarding to a personal email account or auto-replies containing a personal email address.

Last Things to do with Files

  • Delete files that are no longer needed by the university
  • Move files that someone else on campus may need* to a shared network storage area. For example, you might move these files to your department’s network area and work with your department to make sure that the appropriate people will be able to access files after you leave.
  • Ask DoTS to export Canvas courses you want to take with you
  • Move any personal files you want to keep to personal storage
  • Export or print your Internet browser bookmarks

*Including any files saved on your university-owned computer's hard drive (C:). Your university-owned computer is wiped clean when you leave the university.

Last Things to do with Accounts

  • Work with your supervisor to ensure that your access to other university systems are removed. Provide them with a list of the sites and services, usernames (not passwords) and details in regards to their use to your supervisor. This should include any access to PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, or other protected systems.
  • Are you an owner of a team in Microsoft Teams (or an administrator/owner in other areas)? If so, you'll want to change ownership so people can continue unhindered.

Things to Return

  • One-Time Password (Duo) Token/Fob
    • If you have a hardware one-time password token, return this to the Carding Office in at the DoTS Service Center in 160 Davee Library prior to or on your last day on campus.  
    • There is an amount of time where you may be able to access UWRF technology. If the technology is behind multi-factor authentication, you will want to set up your device (in place of the token) so that you can continue to use the technology.
  • Staff ID Card and/or ID Badge
    • Consider this a key (if it is in your possession, you have access to things) and return it to Facilities Management.* When walking around campus fulfilling your employee exit checklist requirements, you will be visiting Facilities Management anyway to either return your keys or to have them verify that you have no keys to return.
There are multiple ways you can return your ID card:
  • Leave it with your supervisor
  • Leave it in your locked office with your computer equipment (which gets returned to DoTS)
    • Do not use this method if your office cannot be locked.
  • Mail the card to the Carding Office from off campus (e.g., home)
  • Use intercampus mail to send the card to the Carding Office
  • Visit campus by appointment and deliver your card to DoTS
  • Equipment you may have checked out from DoTS - either in Davee Library or the Wyman Education Building

*If you will be an emeritus or honored retiree, instead of giving your badge to Facilities Management, bring it to the Carding Office in 160 Davee Library so we can convert it to your new status. (Bringing a copy of your emeritus or honored retiree status letter would be helpful.)

Things to Leave in Your Office

When DoTS receives notice of your employment status change, we work with your supervisor to pick up any equipment that you have left in your assigned space. (DoTS re-inventories equipment and re-assigns it based on need. We will follow up with you if equipment is not found.)

  • University-provided Computer(s)
    • Computers are property of the university regardless of funding source (i.e. grants) procuring them.
  • Cell Phone and Mobile Hotspot
    • Cell phones and mobile hotspots are property of the university. DoTS will cancel your plan or transfer the phone to another individual.
  • Other Technology Resources
    • Any other university technology resources or accessories purchased by the university to carry out your job duties at UWRF (e.g., projectors, headsets, web cams, etc.)

Things to do at Home

  • Manually remove Work at Home Software (Microsoft Office, etc.) from your devices. According to the terms of our campus license agreements, former employees, including retirees and emeriti, must remove Work at Home Software from their home computers when they leave the employment of the university.
  • Office365 doesn’t need to be removed but it will stop working once you are no longer a UWRF employee. You can purchase a subscription directly from Microsoft with a personal login.


Contact DoTS if you have any questions or have special exiting/offboarding needs. Since DoTS usually communicates via your university email account, you may want to provide a better way of contacting you if the timing is such where you can no longer access that email account.

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