Canvas (Instructors): Sending Grades to eSIS

  1. Confirm the appropriate grade scheme for your course is set. eSIS only accepts letter grades. If you are using a percentage or other non-letter grade scheme for your default scheme, change the Final Grades scheme before syncing to eSIS. All assignments in Canvas must have an assigned value. To excuse an assignment, a value of "EX" should be assigned in the gradebook and all assignments in the gradebook must be unhidden prior to sending to eSIS. See: How do I hide grades for an assignment in the Gradebook?

Note: If you have a " - ", the grade that shows in eSIS may not correspond to the grade in Canvas. Changing it to an assigned grade value, "0", or "EX" and unhiding all of the assignments in the Canvas gradebook prior to syncing is important for the grade sync process to be successful end to end.

Note: If you are using a weighted grading scheme based on assignment groups, ensure that you check the "Weight final grade based on assignment groups" box.

Note: The only way to verify the Total Grade prior to running eSIS Sync is by using the Export option. The Export option generates a spreadsheet which contains a column for Current Score and Final Score. To generate the spreadsheet:

  • Load the Grades area in your course
  • Select Actions
  • Select Export

If these do not match, it is because there is at least one Assignment that is not graded or Hidden.

When you are ready to sync your grades, proceed to step 2.

  1. Select Grades in the Course Navigation menu.
  2. Select Sync then Sync to eSIS in the upper right-hand area of the Gradebook page. 
  3. The following message appears: "We have received your request to synchronize grades. After the grades are processed, you should see them in eSIS."
  4. The process to sync to eSIS may take a few minutes. You will be directed to a page that displays the progress of the sync. Once the sync has successfully finished, you will see a label that says "Completed."

Note: If you've used the Student View in your course, this creates a Test Student in the course and gradebook. A result of this is that when syncing grades, you will see a red exclamation mark. If you click on the word "Completed" to view the error, it will notate "Blank person source id." This error is specific to not being able to sync grades for the Test Student and so it does not mean the sync failed for the enrolled students. 

  1. Log into eSIS to review, approve, and accept the grades.

Other Resources

Pass/Fail Grades in eSIS

As you are aware, students can request a change of their grading basis to pass/fail. If you wish to do your grading in Canvas, grade using the standard grading basis for the class. When you sync from Canvas to eSIS, students who have chosen pass/fail will not have a grade in eSIS. The grade for pass/fail will need to be assigned.

In eSIS, check for students that have empty grades in the Roster Grade drop down to select and assign the pass/fail grades to them (if they have opted for pass/fail). Once all the students on the roster have been assigned a grade, you can change it to the "approved" status.


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