Student Employee Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a student employee "S" account?

Student employee accounts, also sometimes referred to as "S" accounts, are automatically created for student employees once their employment has been recorded in the UW System human resources system (HRS) AND the student employee's supervisor adds them to the Student Employee Sponsorship Portal. (The student employee account may take up to a day to be created.) These accounts are very similar to a student's regular Falcon Account, but use an "S" in the username instead of a "W". They have an e-mail address ending in "" instead of "".  For example, Freddy Falcon's student employee account is S2600000 with an e-mail address of

Why do multiple accounts exist? Isn't one account enough?

Student employee accounts are created to provide separation and privacy between a student's "work life" and his/her student or academic life. The Division of Technology Services uses these accounts whenever possible to grant students access to IT resources that are needed for their employment, such as department file spaces or shared e-mail and calendar resources. Unfortunately, some systems such as eSIS, do not provide the ability to utilize these accounts.

How do I use one?

A student employee "S" account can be used just like a student's regular Falcon Account to log into computer workstations and university e-mail. It cannot be used to access Canvas, eSIS or most other resources which utilize Falcon Account logins.

How does a student employee log in for the first time? What's the password?

Like regular Falcon Accounts, student employee "S" accounts can utilize the Password Self-Service application for activation/registration to set and manage a password. There are detailed instructions for activating accounts using that application. Once activated, they can be used like a regular Falcon Account.

When is a student employee account available for usage and/or activation?

A student employee account is created (or re-enabled, depending on employment history) within 24-36 hours of the student employee's appointment record being entered into the HR student payroll system. If the Password Self-Service application reports that it is unable to find the username when the student tries to activate the 'S' account, the account is not available yet and activation should be tried again later (unless the student is from another institution, in which case see the last question).

How do student employees get access to department files, printers and/or shared e-mail?

Student employee access to department resources is not automatic but must be requested by a professional staff member through the Division of Technology Services.

How does a student at another institution activate their UWRF student employee account?

Students from other institutions can have "S" accounts, but the Division of Technology Services will need to enable its creation since it is based on Falcon Account data which might not exist in this situation. Contact us for assistance.


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