VMware Horizon Client: Installation Instructions (Windows)

UWRF uses VMware Horizon to provide secure access to virtual machines (VM) and virtual labs. This access is available on or off campus from any location with a stable and high-speed Internet connection. (The connection process is the same for on or off campus.)

Installing the Horizon client on personal computers

  1. Visit the UWRF VMware Horizon View Portal

  1. Select the Install VMware Horizon Client button
  2. Select the Go to Downloads link under the VMware Horizon Client for Windows heading. Note:  Do not download the VMware Horizon Client for Windows 10 UWP, as this version doesn't have all the features of the standard Windows version.

  1. Select the blue Download button on the next page.
  2. Run the VMware Horizon setup file that downloads.
  3. Select Agree & Install after reviewing the end user license agreement. The typical settings are suitable for our environment.

  1. The Horizon client installs. Note: A restart is required to complete the installation.
  2. After restarting, launch the Horizon client either from the desktop or the start menu. The icon looks like this:

  1. Double click the Add Server button and enter "view.uwrf.edu" (without the quotes) in the Connection Server field.

  1. Log in with your UWRF Falcon Account username and password.
  2. Double click on the desired pool to launch a session.


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