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Accounts and Passwords

Information about Falcon Accounts, guest Falcon Accounts, Password Self-Service, Falcon Dollars, etc.

Articles (27)

Employee Offboarding: Communication with Exiting Employee

What employees should do with technology before exiting.

Employee Offboarding: Technology Checklist

Technology offboarding steps for exiting employees.

Employee Onboarding: Technology Checklist

Technology for new employees (including student employees).

eSIS: Former Student Access

How former students can request access to eSIS.

eSIS: Granting Access to Others

Giving access to your eSIS account to other people.

eSIS: How to Access an Account Created for You

How to log into an account that was created for you by the account owner.

Falcon Account: Activation

Detailed instructions on activating a UWRF Falcon Account using Password Self-Service.

Falcon Account: Changing and Maintaining Your Password

Maintaining your Falcon Account password.

Falcon Account: Compromised Account

What to do if your Falcon Account was compromised.

Falcon Account: Creating your own password

You have the ability to set your own Falcon Account password from any campus-connected computer.

Falcon Account: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Falcon Accounts

Falcon Account: Password Guidelines

Falcon Account Password Policy

Falcon Account: Password Requirements for the housing portal (StarRez)

Falcon Account password requirements for accessing housing portal software (StarRez).

Falcon Account: Single Sign-On

SSO and how to bookmark SSO sites.

Falcon Account: Updating your Challenge Questions

How to update your Password Self-Service challenge questions.

Falcon Account: When is access given or removed?

When do I lose access to technology resources after I leave UWRF?

Falcon Dollars

Save money with Falcon Dollars!

Falcon Dollars: Refund Policy

How to request a refund for Falcon Dollars.

Guest Falcon Account: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about guest Falcon Accounts

InCommon Participant Operational Practices

Our practices regarding Falcon account management for our Shibboleth Identity Provider which is used for accessing some services.

LastPass: Secure Password Manager

Securely store IDs and passwords.

Password Self-Service: Error messages

Help with error messages from Password Self-Service.

Password Self-Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about Password Self-Service, including security guidelines.

Password Self-Service: Resetting a Forgotten Falcon Account Password

How to use the forgotten password options in Password Self-Service

Password Self-Service: Updating your Profile

How to update your Falcon Account profile information with Password Self-Service.

Student Employee Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to and instructions for student employee S accounts.