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Falcon Dollars

Click to go to Get Funds WebsiteFalcon Dollars are a pre-paid debit account for students, faculty and staff - like a gift card.  You use your UW-River Falls ID card to access your account.  By pre-depositing money into a Falcon Dollars account, you can carry one card for most of your on campus purchases. You can also use Falcon Dollars at all food venues in the University Center, DoTS, the Falcon Shop, the Information Desk or the Involvement Center Desk, Hunt Ice Arena Concessions, as well as in the print management system PaperCut to purchase additional printing. If you are a student, sales tax is not charged on consumable food purchases made with Falcon Dollars in our University Center dining venues.


  • Enrolled students are exempt from sales tax, on purchases made in dining locations, per Wisconsin state statute.  This equates to a savings of 5.5% on food purchases at campus dining locations.  Students still pay sales tax in the campus bookstore.
  • Falcon Dollars are more convenient than cash or check.  Simply present your UW-River Falls ID card to the cashier and the purchase is automatically deducted.  Detailed usage history is available anytime from the UW-River Falls GET Funds website.
  • Flexibility to add Falcon Dollars online or in person at the Carding Office (located in 160 Davee Library) and the Information Desk (located in the University Center great hall).   In person at those locations you can add Falcon Dollars via credit card in deposits of $5.00 and up or if you have cash, we can add any amount no matter how small.
  • Falcon Dollars are safer than cash.  If you lose your ID card, immediately report your card lost and your card is deactivated.  You can then re-activate your card when you find it (or replace it) and begin using it again. 
  • A mobile website is available that allows you to easily add Falcon Dollars on the go.

Parents & Guest Depositing to Accounts

Parents, guardians, friends and others who wish to deposit money into the account of an UWRF student may do so online at the Get Funds Guest website.  You will need the Falcon ID Number (W#) of the student. (Exclude the W when entering in the ID number on the website.)  You may deposit any amount above $5.00 via the website.  The funds are available as soon as the transaction is complete.  You will not be able to see transaction history on the website, as that is protected by student privacy rules.


  • GET Funds - Add Falcon Dollars, check your history and balances or manage your account
    • You can stop by the University Center Front Desk and DoTS (Davee Library 160) to add Falcon Dollars
  • Get Funds Guest Site - Friends and family of students can add Falcon Dollars into the account of a student


  • Your university ID card is required for all purchases of Falcon Dollars and merchandise.
  • Falcon Dollars will carry from term to term, you do not need to use up Falcon Dollars at the end of the term.  Dining Dollars do expire at the end of each term.
  • No refunds shall be given with the exception of withdrawal from the university. A $20 processing fee is charged for refunds.  Monies forfeited by account holders are used to pay for expenses that are incurred in operating the Falcon Dollar program.  There is no direct charge to student account holders for this service.
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