Local Workstation Administrator Permission

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DoTS provides ways for you to install and update common software without contacting DoTS via Software Center (for Windows) and Self Service (for Macintosh).  Also, DoTS can install more unique software for you or work with you as you install the software by remotely giving you temporary access to install - it is quick and easy.  These methods help limit your risk and liability.  However, you may need to get local workstation administrator permissions.  Having administrator permissions requires responsibility.  Therefore, you'll need to print the PDF file on this page, read the document, accept the user agreement, and get the appropriate signatures before your request is considered.


  • Install software
  • Run software updates
  • Install hardware drivers
  • Set system preferences

Available to

  • UWRF employees who meet at least one of the following criteria are considered:
    • The program is necessary for the requestor’s job performance
    • Research and/or development is required by the requestor’s job
    • The requestor consistently works during hours when DoTS support personnel are not available

Service Level Agreement

  • If your system becomes infected and/or inoperative, your system will be restored only to its original configuration.


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