Wireless Network Coverage

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Request an assessment of network coverage in a particular location of the university facilities where you have observed coverage to be lacking. Please refer to the service level agreement for specifics on what levels of service are provided.


  • Help solidify UWRF's wireless network coverage.

Available to

  • Students
  • Employees


The wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are provided through all of the university facilities in River Falls given certain funding restrictions:

  • Non-residence hall wireless network connectivity is primarily funded through student technology fees that are associated with a portion of the student's tuition. With this in mind, the wireless network is focused on places where students congregate outside of the classroom.
  • Classroom renovations often will also fund upgrades to the wireless network inside the classroom. Departmental or "state" funds are often used in these renovations with a specific purpose for the enhancement.
  • Residential wireless networks are provided as a portion of the student's room rate.
  • For administrative and non-academic areas, there is no direct funding for the coverage of office complexes or other areas that students do not directly congregate. Technology Services attempts to expand this coverage as it is possible when funding becomes available. Directed wired Ethernet connections in offices should be used whenever possible through the use of docking stations for mobile devices or desktop computers. Departments are often asked to partner in costs with Technology Services to enhance coverage in these areas.

Service Level Agreement

  • The term "coverage" is subjective, is not easily defined and cannot be guaranteed. There are a number of influencing factors including distances, building construction, number of users on the access point, what the users (and their devices in the background) are doing on the system, whether the user is moving, and most importantly the capability or quality of the device accessing the wireless network.
  • We strive to provide always-available wireless coverage in the places we provide services. However, Wi-Fi technology is inherently instable and wireless coverage is not guaranteed at any time. Refer to the knowledge base article in regards to wireless network performance issues.
  • This service is available 24/7/365 days per year with the exception of planned outages.
  • Maintenance and other planned outages are posted on the DoTS website.
  • Campus considers Wi-Fi a mission critical service. If there is an unplanned outage affecting numerous users across the institution, DoTS works on the incident 24/7 and DoTS posts where we stand in the process on the DoTS website
  • Requests for wireless network coverage will be responded to within three business days initially. DoTS will then
    • evaluate existing coverage through site surveys.
    • implement tracking utilities that will watch the usage in the area for a defined period of time which typically can only be done during normal academic schedules with normal usage patterns.
    • compile a recommendation on how to address the request.
    • work with the customer to address funding or partnering in addressing the issue together through shared costs.


  • The wireless networks are presented to the user as UWRF-Welcome, UWRF-Registered and eduroam. University-owned equipment use the eduroam network. Please refer to the wireless network knowledge base article on how to connect to the networks.


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