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Credit card processing for in-person and ecommerce-based payments are both a technology and a campus financial process.  Technology Services partners with the university’s Accounting department to provide secure and reliable credit card processing services. 

All credit card processing must be PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards) compliant per Visa and MasterCard requirements to be a merchant.

PCI-DSS is a framework of security regulations and protocols created by the big names in the credit card industry.  To meet this standard your staff, Technology Services, Accounting and the technology upon which it all rides must be accountable to for security of the transaction.  Both Accounting and Technology Services will help you through this process.


  • Flexible options for in-person transaction and ecommerce options that can be integrated with or exist outside your current application
  • Secure payment systems that are Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards compliant

Available to

  • Departments (Employees)

Service Level Agreement

  • Technology Services can be flexible in providing service for events.  Each event will require a negotiation to the appropriate service level agreement.
  • Technology Services addresses each card application and negotiates the level of expected response.
  • Implementation of any new card services application takes anywhere from three to six months from initiation to go-live.  Many of the processes are outside of the university’s control and your needs to prepare for the security standards requirements are large.


  • Costs to operate as a card merchant include a percentage of your transaction, a per transaction fee, annual security auditing requirements, hosting fees from service providers, and a share of the overall university maintenance to remain PCI-DSS compliant.


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