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Video surveillance is a service available to any university department.  DoTS currently uses the Cisco Meraki platform for our video surveillance system.  This service is also known as CCTV or Closed Circuit Television. 

Any video used for the purpose of security must conform to standards set by law enforcement. DoTS and University Police work very closely together to identify your security needs and will work with you to deploy a solution to mitigate concerns.

If you are interested in video surveillance for your area, please contact DoTS.


  • Theft deterrent
  • Video recording for after-incident analysis and evidence
  • Remote monitoring of a location
  • Smart cameras detect motion, the presence of people and/or objects
  • Thirty days of stored video
  • A variety of clients are available including a desktop application, web user interface, and smartphone application

Service Level Agreement

  • Video surveillance systems are available 24/7 except for planned outages
  • Maintenance and other planned outages are posted on the DoTS website
  • Campus considers video surveillance a mission-critical service. If there is an unplanned outage, DoTS works on the incident 24/7 and DoTS posts where we stand in the process on the DoTS website
  • Requests for video surveillance installations are responded to within three business days




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