Canvas: New Course Designator

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When there is a new (or change to a ) department or program in eSIS, this information needs to get to Canvas for the courses to populate correctly. Use this service to request a new (or change to a) catalog designator which will be going into effect in eSIS for a future term.


  • A way for the Registrar's Office to inform DoTS to do what is needed so that Canvas is set up to work with eSIS data properly.

Available to

  • Registrar's Office

Information Needed

You'll need this information when filling out the form.

  • Department
  • Collegiate Unit(s)
  • Approval
  • Effective Date
  • Designation Code (Course Code)
  • New or Change
  • Host Campus
  • Full Designation Name

Service Level Agreement

  • Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT, a DoTS team) performs system updates and monitors for course population prior to the start of a term.


For DoTS

The resulting ticket stays on hold until the courses populate in Canvas and the changes can be confirmed.

  • Send an email to with the subject line "Please assign this to the DLE Team"
  • Request the new designator and SIS ID from the DLE Team
    • See OneNote > Services > Canvas > Canvas New Instructional SIS Subject Area and Code (Designator)
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