Shared Email Box

After pressing the "Request Service" button, enter these (Action > Category > Subcategory > Service):
Request something DoTS offers > Software > App (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) > Shared Email Box


A shared email box is a mailbox that multiple people can open to read and send e-mail messages.  Shared email boxes also allow people to share a common calendar so they can schedule and view vacation time or work shifts.


  • Single email box for groups to use for managing email messages
    • Allows for easy handover when employees start at or leave the university
    • Allows for group management of email messages - people can see if someone else has replied to a message
  • Single email address that can be used in communication
  • Can be configured to allow employees to send email messages from a common address
  • Can be configured to allow employees to share a common calendar

Service Level Agreement

  • Once DoTS receives all needed information, your shared email box is set up within three business days
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