Network Folder Access or Sharing

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Network-based file storage is a common means of collaborating with colleagues and student employees.  Customized folder access is sometimes needed to protect data.


  • Access to FalconShare folders can be customized for a variety of situations which allow it to:
    • restrict the view of sensitive data to just those who need it
    • protect data from alteration but still allow access for modifications by a smaller group of individuals
    • provide work space for student employees to contribute without exposing the entire department's files to them
  • Folder sharing can also be set up to allow people without a UWRF Falcon Account to access FalconShare spaces as well.  This access can be:
    • password-protected
    • time-restricted

Service Level Agreement

  • Once DoTS receives all needed information, FalconShare folder sharing is set up within three business days


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