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DoTS manages the instructional, and open (general access) computer labs located in the Davee Library as well as the Wyman Education Building lab. There are three Windows and one Macintosh lab available for reservation on an ad-hoc basis in the library and the WEB lab is mixed-platform. Specify which lab you want to reserve, or just tell us whether you need a Macintosh or Windows lab and when you need it.  (Please visit the computer lab you are planning to use well ahead of time and be sure you are able to do what you plan to do in it.)

This service is available to:

  • Teaching labs may be reserved by
    • Faculty
    • Staff
  • Open (general access) labs may be used by
    • Students
    • Faculty
    • Staff
  • Some open (general access) labs are sponsored by departments and are located throughout campus.  These labs are built and maintained to support the instructional program of a particular department on campus. These computer labs are not open to the general student population and will have specialized software and hardware to support a specific curriculum. In general, students will be instructed in their classes if they have one of these labs as a resource. Some classes even meet regularly in these labs.  These labs are not reserved by DoTS, but rather by the departments themselves.


  • Some of the computer labs which DoTS supports may be reserved for teaching and demonstration purposes. Use of a teaching computer lab is appropriate when participants, as well as the presenter will be using computers. Each teaching lab is equipped with a teaching workstation, a projection unit, and a screen for displaying the presenter's computer screen.
  • The teaching labs are a wonderful resource for hands-on computer program training.

Service Level Agreement

  • All reservation requests are subject to availability and may be reserved on an ad-hoc basis for the current (in progress) semester only
  • Please place reservations at least one week in advance


  • View Computer Lab Software to find out what and where software is available.
  • If you will be presenting a workshop in which your participants need to be able to use the lab workstations, they will need to log in using their Falcon Account credentials. If they do not have Falcon Accounts available to them, you may wish to request a Guest Falcon Account for your workshop.

Related Services


  • UWRF classes that are scheduled by the Registrar's Office are given first priority .
  • Like all academic spaces, instructional computer labs are scheduled for credit-producing courses in eSIS. The academic schedule is imported into, and viewable by logging into, the Mazévo software system. See the Reservations website for more details.
  • You can start the computer lab reservation process either within the Mazévo software system or by requesting the service on this page.
  • DoTS may not take reservations for future semesters. Until the semester actually begins, there is too great a risk of an academic course being scheduled by the Registrar's Office resulting in double booking of the space. Contact the Registrar's Office to extend a lab reservation past the current semester.
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