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Partnering with Shopify, Marketplace allows secure online purchases of UW-River Falls products or registration payments to attend UW-River Falls events.
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For UWRF staff

  • Easy to add inventory and events.
  • Payment is automatically deposited to a UWRF department or office-related bank account. The funds are then dispersed through the Accounts Receivable office.
  • Automatic credit card verification.
  • UWRF staff do not manage credit card payment transactions.
  • Credit card numbers are not revealed to staff members reducing liability. Compliance with PCI security standards is easier.
  • Orders are sent to a UWRF staff member's email or are available on the Shopify dashboard. This makes order fulfillment simple.
  • Transaction reports are accessible at any time on the Shopify dashboard or as customized spreadsheet. 
  • UWRF staff may easily initiate refunds.
  • Customized transaction reports are available to UWRF staff upon request.

For UWRF customers

  • Convenience of a credit card transaction.
  • Confidence in a secure transaction.
  • Automatic feedback that the transaction was complete.

Available to

  • Departments and offices that want to sell a product or provide registration to an event (including special courses).
  • Create/edit products and events in Marketplace: UWRF employees. Student employees are ineligible.


  • 7% of sales revenues (We advise that this cost be considered in the price of the offering.) The cost is based on charges the university incurs for subscribing to the shopping cart service and bank charges associated with processing credit cards.


  • Have a plan in place for your department's workflow for fulfilling on-line orders.  
  • How will the cost of using the store impact revenues for the offering?
  • How are transactions handled now? How will this affect order fulfillment and workflow?
  • Who will be fulfilling the orders and receiving transaction reports?
  • Who will update the online inventory?
  • When would you like to allow customers to begin registering for events or buying products? It takes a minimum of ten business days to set up a store and arrange a campus account.

Service Level Agreement

  • Please allow 10 working days of development time before your initial product and or event offering needs to be available. Following submission of the request for service form, the UWRF web team will consult with the requester within two business days to schedule further consultation.


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