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The Division of Technology Services can help you with your new software and technology project.  For example,

  • the often-occurring technology needs in construction and remodeling.  DoTS works with Facilities Management to manage your project from conception to move in.
  • the implementation of software like DoTS has done with our previously implemented software solutions
  • the development of in-house software when a cost effective third-party solution cannot be found
  • hardware purchasing and implementation in order to meet a business or instructional need

A project is a group activity designed to produce a unique product, service, or result.  (A change request is different than a project.  It is a modification being requested for product or service that is already in use.)  A project has a beginning and an end, has a defined scope, and has resources committed to it.


  • By involving Technology Services early in your construction or remodeling project concepts, we can help you find the most effective way of integrating the technology into the project by working with you and Facilities Management.  We do this regardless of the funding model and the stage at which you are at in the process.  It is unfortunate that we often are brought in too late into the game to help you be effective.  We often have rework costs to implement the technology into your construction project.  So, please request that we begin with you early on!  We address the issues of procurement on your behalf and work with Facilities Management as well.
  • Getting Technology Services involved up front in software selection, determining if custom software is warranted, or technology selection is important.  DoTS provides a technical resource capable of representing the interest of the campus as a whole in evaluating system capabilities, determining if systems are already in use on campus that may be worth exploring, and guiding decisions to fit into the technical capabilities DoTS is able to support.
  • DoTS collaborates and communicates with project stakeholders to agree upon a project scope and sets clear expectations on timeframe and resources necessary to successfully complete a project.
  • DoTS has expertise in navigating UW System technology purchasing processes and policies.

Service Level Agreement

  • A project can be requested 24/7 via the service catalog.
  • An emailed summary of your submitted project request is sent to your UWRF email address within two business days after you request this service.
  • Project requests may be approved or declined.  All projects begin as project requests and go through an evaluation process before they are approved to become projects.
  • New project requests are queued and evaluated bi-weekly by the Professional Services team in the Division of Technology Services.
  • Your request is assigned to the appropriate manager and a member of the Division of Technology Services follows up with you to gather any additional information about your request as necessary.
  • Each project is evaluated for technical feasibility and resource availability to complete the project.


  • Thinking about having DoTS help you with your construction/software/technology project?  Select the Request Service button and let us know, even if you are in the earliest stages.
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