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Changed On Hold Until from Fri 5/28/21 to Fri 12/30/22.
Update to the previous comment (last line changed)...
This project (processes and tools) was deemed too unwieldy to be handled as one project. There is another project (Software: Software Catalog) that is looking at how we can meet System requirements where we supply them lists of hardware and software. Once that project is complete, we'll take a look at this project again (and see if we can use outcomes of the other project). On hold for until the end of the calendar year as the other project is only 40% complete at this point.


Mon 4/20/20 - Fri 6/16/23
Technology Services
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Projects and Changes / Consulting
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Fri 12/30/22
Fri 4/17/20 3:23 PM
Thu 6/2/22 10:23 AM


AKA, Application Catalog, Application Management, Service Portfolio Management.
Create a process where we determine if a service should be onboarded, onboard it, maintain it, and retire it. Take advantage of repeatable tasks (checklists). Make visible to customers.


  1. Low Impact on Other Projects

    Most of our critical paths in other projects should not be on the critical path for this one. Steven's time can impact the success of his projects but he is regulating the number of projects he has active at one time in order to reduce this risk.

  2. High Lack of Commitment / Adoption

    DoTS culture runs counter to this initiative. Buy-in from the CIO is crucial. Communication of upcoming changes to applications early on will be quite different for some.

  3. Low Ongoing Support

    The team supporting this initiative is the one supporting it operationally.

  4. Low Unknown Complexity / Learning Curve

    Other organizations have application portfolios so this is not an unknown. Also, the process itself should not be complex.

  5. Low Vendor Dependence

    This is more of an unknown. A tool has not been identified. TeamDynamix may have this as a module. However, no matter the tool, the process will not be at risk. It can be done on paper if needed.

Systems Affected

  1. Applications - eSIS

    All applications.

  2. Applications - Hosted

    All applications.

  3. Applications - Not Hosted

    All applications.

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Joseph Kmiech
Joseph Kmiech
Consulted, Informed
CIO buy-in. Manager of managers.
Fri 4/17/20 3:11 PM
Peter Reese
Peter Reese
Fri 8/14/20 8:19 AM