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Project is 60 % complete, starting on Tue 8/5/14 and ending on Fri 9/6/19.

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60% complete, updated on Mon 6/13/22 9:52 PM by Zachary Pahl

Project is continuing to move forward as planned, minus a few issues with pinning down an engineer to make all of the new equipment behave cohesively.

Majority of IT related tasks will be network and low-voltage card access related, though Jason has noted that there may be additional overhead on other control-related items and ensuring the designs are compliant with industrial control security regulations.


Tue 8/5/14 - Fri 9/6/19
Animal & Food Science
Projects and Changes / Project
Projects and Changes / Construction
Green - On track
- newly remodeled plant will be open in 2016

- $3.5M project expected - working within the current wall structure, moving and rearranging the space to stay inside it, building four additional walls but not tearing out any walls. Our budget is set at $3M for equipment.

- Sprinkman can provide floor plans and flow schematics
Wed 8/7/13 12:05 PM
Mon 6/13/22 9:52 PM


Complete overhaul of the Dairy Processing plant lab, retail space, support spaces, etc.


  1. Distinctive Academic Excellence

    This upgrade is going to position our facility as a top of class production environment in higher education. This will be an excellent platform for our graduates to launch their careers with experience on the latest equipment.

  2. Innovation and Partnerships

    Partnering with many of the industry partners that hire our students.


  1. Low Ongoing Support

  2. Low Unknown Complexity / Learning Curve

  3. Low Vendor Dependence

Systems Affected

  1. Data Communications


    Integration with plant production systems.

  2. Multimedia

    Rolling video pre-recorded in hallway
    Live video feeds, potential narration with the wireless microphone

    Store live feed of the cheese
    2 - 3 video screens each

    Retail to buy
    The conference room might be a good place for the interactive kiosk

    Digital zoom in the ice cream for the process

    Product area - rely on the access logs for security of the spaces

  3. Point of Sale / Retail

    Track what is made
    What is sold
    Purchased UPC codes and has the labels made
    Everything has a UPC
    UPC - GS1 purchased

    Production wholesale need
    Multiple whoelsae accounts
    Would whole sell to the falcon foods retail
    Different D/B/A units

    Tracking of lot code is tracked whole sale to the retail
    Be able to track for recalls

    Micros quick service
    Some PLUs
    Use the barcodes

  4. Safety/Security/Identity Management

    Alarms with coolers, etc
    Have to explore it further

    Penn State did not have enough racking for server and Cornell did more space for growth
    Consider an IDF space or a NEMA enclosure

    Floor foamers will activate each time the card readers are used
    Every point of entry to clean room
    Six points
    PIR at the doors with a magnetic contact, so only foam when entering the facilities

    See also the OneNote for the "Access Restriction Zones" drawing for Card Access.

  5. Servers

    There is no information yet, but there is an assumption that there will be some software that needs to run on something that will require a server to run the production systems.


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Stakeholders (7)

Alan Symicek
Consulted, Informed
Facilities Management Project Manager
Tue 6/23/20 10:57 AM
Beth Schommer
Foundation will be assisting with the solicitation of funding to pay for the project.
Mon 12/30/13 10:33 AM
Dean Olson
Consulted, Informed
Consulting as an internal resource with knowledge of A/E and industrial systems.
Wed 8/7/13 2:53 PM
Fred Lemke
Consulted, Informed
Facilities Management Project Manager
Tue 6/23/20 11:00 AM
Julie Stucky
Consulted, Informed
Foundation fund raising
Mon 4/6/15 1:07 PM
Michelle Farner
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Primary contact for the project, end user of the space.
Mon 12/30/13 10:32 AM
Steven Meads
Steven Meads
Fri 8/14/20 8:17 AM