Remark Test Analysis: Scantron Form Reports


Analysis software for scanned answer sheet forms.


Remark Classic OMR test analysis provides reports for Scantron forms. If using the Scantron machines in the library, Remark is available only with the OpScan 4ES Scantron machine connected to the computer. The following common types of reports can be accessed after scanning student answer sheets and selecting Grade Wizard.

  • Report 101: Student Statistics Report - Displays statistical data related to the performance of each student.
  • Report 103: Class Frequency Distribution - Illustrates the dispersion of students over the selected grade scale.
  • Report 104: Test Statistics Report - Displays statistics related to the overall test and each defined learning objective.
  • Report 201: Detailed Item Analysis Report - Displays statistics related to each question response.
  • Report 203: Detailed Item Analysis Graph Report - Displays limited response totals and graphs for each question.
  • Report 204: Condensed Item Analysis - Displays a break down of respondent selections for each item in a condensed format.

Please see the attached files for PDF examples of what these reports look like.



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