Below is a list of our published services. We continue to add to this list. For any of these, you can

  • report that something isn't working the way it is supposed to with the service (using the incident form) -or-
  • request the service, ask a question about the service, request training on the service, or request a consultation regarding the service (using the service form).

You can quickly see what each service is all about. Most have a link to read more about the service, if you'd like. After reading, please use one of the forms listed above.

Accounts/Passwords (Duo, Employee Onboarding, etc.)
Devices (Computers, Phones, Printers, etc.)
Instructional Space (Computer Labs, TECs, etc.)
Security (Cards/Badges, Credit Card Processing, Door Access, etc.)
Software (Apps, Canvas, Email Lists, eSIS, etc.)
Website Content and Design (Online Sales, Web Authoring, etc.)



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Request ANYTHING DoTS offers, ask a question, request training, or request a consultation.