Wireless Presentation: Using AirMedia

Step 1: Download the AirMedia software application

The AirMedia software is available in Self Service for Macs, in the Google Play Store for Android devices and in Apple App Store for iOS devices. If none of these options are suitable, proceed to step 2. The web interface for the AirMedia device will offer an option to download the software. 

Note: AirMedia software is not available on university lab computers.

Step 2: Connect to the projector or screen

Turn on the screen or projector.

Be sure your laptop is connected to the campus wireless network. Open a browser window and enter the Address from the on screen display. You may be prompted to download the software if this is your first time using AirMedia.

Step 3: Run the AirMedia software application

Open the AirMedia software. Once it is opened, you will see a warning screen that "No devices found."  Dismiss this by pressing OK, and a dialog box will open where you can enter the IP address and code that is displayed on the screen. The code changes after every session, but the IP address remains the same.


Once you have entered the IP address and the code, you will have the option to take over screen control.


Click on the options menu under the  on the right side of the control center. Hover over Quad View to see other sharing options; you can share to one quadrant of the screen, allowing up to 4 people to share their screens at the same time.


  • Install the software well before your presentation and practice using it as you would with a new piece of classroom equipment.
  • Remember to disconnect when your presentation is complete. It is easy to forget.
  • Use the on-screen AirMedia panel to control the visibility of your presentation.
    •  Start showing the computer's screen.
    •  Stop showing the computer's screen.
    •  Pause the computer's screen.
    •  Close the connection and the AirMedia software.
    •  Display additional options. 
    •  Minimize the AirMedia panel.


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