Network: Employees accessing W2 forms

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Issue: I'm trying to get my W-2 form and I see this message: "This page may only be accessed on a UW network. If you are trying to access this page from home, use the VPN software provided by your institution to connect to the network and try again." What do I do?

Environment: employee, student employee, off campus, W2 form, Wage and Tax Statement, virtual private network

Two possible resolutions:

  1. Get on the UWRF network or use VPN. See the associated articles on this page for VPN information.
  2. Contact Human Resources.

Notes (from UW System [edited]):
W2 forms and other applicable annual tax documents are available electronically only for employees who are:
1) currently in an active status
2) accessing their MyUW portal from a protected VPN or UW Network

Forms contain private sensitive data that should not be accessed from outside a protected UW Network entity. This means users will receive security authorization required errors when attempting to access if not permitted due to employment status or network protection.


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