Falcon Account: Compromised Account

If your account has been compromised,

  • change your password. If DoTS has noticed your account was compromised, we will have already changed your password to protect your data and information. If this happens, use the Forgotten Password option to change your password to something that you know.
  • check your email settings for changes. Changes to look for include: an added connected account, a forwarding address, and inbox filters.
  • check your deleted items folder for any email messages that were deleted while your account was compromised. If you notice deleted email messages, you may drag them back into your inbox.
  • change any passwords on accounts that used the same password of the account that was compromised. Examples include: social media, banking or other financial accounts.
  • verify that bank account information is correct in eSIS and HRS, if applicable.

Remember, the Division of Technology Services (DoTS) will never ask for your password.  If you have any questions or would like assistance with these steps, please contact DoTS.