Television/Streaming: Channel Guide

TV channels are available in residence halls and academic buildings on the main and south campuses.

TV Channel Listing (Coax)

Go to TV Listings on the zap2it website

If the UWRF listings are not shown,

  1. Select change provider or time zone
  2. Enter 54022 into the Zip or Postal Code field and select [Find Providers]
  3. Select University of Wisconsin River Falls - Cable (River Falls)

TV Channel Listing (IPTV - Streaming)

The listings are available in the app.

The listings are also available online:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for our institution (Searching for "river" seems to work fine)
  3. [Next]
  4. Log in using your Falcon Account credentials
  5. Select the hamburger (some apps may already have the menu expanded)
  6. Select TV Guide


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